with restless hearts

reflections, critiques, comments, and questions of a 20-something catholic in pursuit of truth and justice in a dualistic world


Catholic Young Adult Resources

Busted Halo – “An online magazie for spiritual seekers.” Made up of articles, podcasts, blog reflections, and the occasional vidoe, this website is targeted at helping young adults to develop a personal spirituality and engage with questions of faith in the world. More about how to live out our Catholic faith today than on what the Catholic faith says. The articles focus on meeting people where they are at, offer practical advice, and often have a strong ecumenical and inter-religious focus.

Word On Fire

Phatmass – Their tagline is, “With orthodoxy, charity and humility, phatmass will infiltrate the entire planet earth with Catholic propaganda.” And that’s a pretty good summation of what they’re about. They’re another group answering the call for media evangelization, and they’ve got forums, apologetics, random Catholic gear, articles, news, music, you name it. Great resource for learning more about the faith in a fun, relevant, attractive, and user-friendly format.

Religious Communities Everyone Should Know











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