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a word on love

Today I randomly came upon an article that was recently run by Catholic News Service simply entitled, “Reminding those in despair of God’s love.” It was written from the perspective of a priest whose ministry has brought him face-to-face with the feelings of confusion, fear, rejection, and self-loathing that accompanies the navigation of sexual identity for too many young people today.

His piece did not waste time weighing the possibility or merit of same-sex unions, marriage, or adoption. There was nothing said of the theology of full communion with the Church or the distinction – that I suspect causes many people of both “sides” to cringe – between the tendency and act, the sinner and sin. In fact, the article was nearly entirely devoid of any reference to politics at all, and therein, I believe, lies its beauty and potency.

What this priest touches upon so poignantly is that this discussion isn’t about “rights” or equality; it’s about love. Too many youth in our country lose their sense of self, their faith, and their lives because they hear (or interpret) so many voices in their lives telling them that they aren’t worth it, that there is something wrong with them, that they are unloveable. Regardless of where you stand on the Church’s stance on homosexuality, or perhaps non-heterosexuality is a more accurate rendering, we should all be able to agree that there are young people (and some not-so-young people) who have been deeply wounded as a result of their sexual identities and they should be told that they are beautiful, loved, and wanted.

As the article strongly concludes,

 “No one should feel excluded from God’s love. No one should ever be driven to despair. Ever.”