with restless hearts

reflections, critiques, comments, and questions of a 20-something catholic in pursuit of truth and justice in a dualistic world

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full disclosure

My motivation for beginning this blog is, more than anything, a selfish one. I’m a verbal processor. I love to talk (and write) things out. I’ve also become increasingly frustrated with the trend in popular media and thought in which the Catholic Church, and Catholicism in general, is treated as a monolithic, esoteric, misogynistic, and ultimately archaic collection of doctrines and condemnations rather than as a dynamic, multi-faceted, and never quite adequately defined living, breathing body. And so this will be my own personal attempt to navigate my own Catholic identity in a cultural environment that, I would contend, is not so much interested in true dialogue as it is in imposing its own definition of what it means to be “Catholic” or “religious” in contemporary society.

Before really beginning I want to make a few things explicit. I don’t believe in objectivity, but I do believe in Truth. As an admirer of postmodern anthropological thought, I do think that in naming our own biases and perspectives we are able to move forward in the conversation.

And so, in that spirit, I want to name that the primary lens through which I understand myself, the world, and my place within it is Roman Catholicism. For the record, I can’t stand the labels that pit Catholics against each other (traditional, liberal, orthodox, conservative, progressive, etc.), but I do trust fully in the Church and submit myself to the teaching of the Magisterium, even as I struggle to understand it at times. I harbor no illusions that I speak for the Church or for Catholics or for young “faithful” Catholics, whatever that means.

I am simply one person speaking from one perspective in a specific time and place. It should be stated, though, that in all matters of dogma and infallibility, I defer to Holy Mother Church, so label me as you will.

Thank you for reading.